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    2. CFE朱迪青青藤 中國教育界的哈佛



      CFE作為中國唯一的一家有效整合全球最優質的教育資源私塾學院,我們注重培養學生的創新能力,提升學生的自信和勇氣。CFE的創始人之一哈佛博士后Frank導師的教育宗旨就是“Be inspired by the best”,培養能推動世界的發展與進步的未來人才。CFE的學生遍布于海外著名私立高中及世界頂級名校。



      CFE is the only one in China that effectively integrates the world's highest quality educational resources. Based on?the American Ivy League teaching philosophy, CFE is an international education platform that focuses on cultivating students' innovative ability and enhancing students' self-confidence and courage. Founder of CFE, the Harvard postdoctoral mentor,?Frank holds the educational mission of 'Be Inspired by the?best?', cultivate future talent to promote the development and progress of the world.?CFE students are located in famous overseas private high schools and top world-renowned schools.

      CFE's advisors and academic advisors for Chinese and foreign education are graduated?from Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Cornell and other world-renowned universities. They?form a strong faculty team, which provides strong support for the rapid improvement of children's academic abilities and scientific guidance for further education.?CFE students come from all over the world. There are noble families from European and American countries, as well as Asian elite families including China, Hong Kong and Singapore.?CFE's creative thinking training fully taps students' intrinsic potential, improves innovation ability, and trains students to achieve world-class academic standards.?CFE's activity design is to integrate global high-quality resources. The elite consultants from world-class universities from Fuji School personally design various activities for students. Here, students will excel at academics and hobbies. With dedication and the pursuit of perfection, students challenge themselves and fulfil their exciting dreams.



      The Only One In The World

      The CFE founder team includes a postdoctoral fellow in mathematics from Harvard. During his time at Harvard, he studied with Professor Qiu Chengtong?(Shing-Tung Yau), a worldwide famous?mathematician.?During the postdoctoral period, he had teaching experience of teaching undergraduate, master, and doctoral degrees, and also obtained teacher qualification certificates for junior and high school students in mathematics, physics, and science.?Has been involved in academic training for years, he concentrates?on cultivating students' mathematics academics, and assists them?in mathematics research and competitions.?He discusses?activities and planning activities with students?in person, promotes?altruism, guides?students to participate in a number of public welfare activities with global influence, and constantly helps students break?through the bottleneck of ability



      Few In Education

      CFE's world-class famous teachers work hand in hand with you to provide a mentoring system and companionship education, so that the child's values, personality, habits, interests and other aspects can grow subtly, laying the foundation for the children's health and happiness and lifelong development. The family maximizes the value of education and realizes the inheritance of the family.

      -US College Admission-



      The acceptance rate of the top ten universities in the world is 72.55%

      The acceptance rate of the top 30 universities in the world is 89.52%

      -US High School Admission-



      The acceptance rate of the top 30 private high schools is 79.59%

      The acceptance rate of the top 50 private high schools is 91.83%

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